About Us

SmartRide is a local (Tanzanian) company designed to consult and facilitate customers to procure their rides (cars) at the best price.  The company supports its customers to choose from a variety of choices worldwide. We work with our customers in choosing theirvehicles. We advise them on the type and model of a car which is suitable to their needs. 
We believe that, buying a caris not and should not be an emergency. We help our customers to take time to think and decide on their next ride. We have created a network of exporters in Japan and UK who provide us very competitive prices. 
We work with an international bank to smoothly and expedite our transactions, and moreover save on currency exchange rates and remittancefees. We also work with experienced and professional clearing and forwarding agents. As a result, we can assure you that you will get the best car for the best price.
Why choosing SmartRide?
Normally, if you need a car, you would work into the current market and choose from the limited stock they have. SmartRridegives you wider choice. We will advise you and give you at least 5 models of your choice, to pick your dream ride. 
We also support you to choose and buy a car today and pay for it tomorrow. Our customers are not required to pay 100% of the vehicle price. We accept 50% instalmentupon ordering and the remaining 50% upon delivering.
We also offer free consultation on what type of car you wish to buy.Our associates will discuss with you both the advantages and disadvantages of the choice you are making and how it may affect the current market price and resale value of your car. 
These include features such as year of manufacture, mileage, fuel consumption, and the present condition of the car etc.We work with an award winning innovative bank and all our transactions are conducted online.